I'm Steve.  I'm the second  "S" in "SSC".  I own and operate It's Steve's Turn from my home. I was born and raised north of Boston, and am currently raising my own two children as a single parent in Southern  Massachusetts. While we were both born and raised in Massachusetts, Cheryl and I lived in North Carolina for a six year stretch, (with Cailey & Nicholas joining us during our final year there, post adoption), and then we moved back to her old stomping grounds of North Attleboro, MA in 2003.  As of this writing, we have made our home here for the past 18 years.
To step back a bit in time, my interest in Woodturning and handcrafted penmaking specifically, began in 2005 after watching some PBS specials.  It soon became an excellent venue for bonding with three young, pre- and teen relatives.  My Godchildren [niece Kara (9) and nephews Corey and Sean (10 and 16)] had lost their father Shaun, Cheryl's younger brother, to a tragic accident in 2001. Needless to say, Shaun's passing triggered a bonding cycle for myself and his kids.  We all needed to search out avenues toward healing, and found exactly what we needed when we came together with a common vision.  
We took on the name SSC Woodturning at that point.  I said earlier that I was the second "S" in "SSC".  Let me explain:  Shaun and his family mean the world to me.  They have since the very moment they entered my life - long before they were born, in fact.  Sean and Corey had been by my side basically from the beginning of their time, frequently spending weekends with Cheryl and myself from the age of six weeks.  That bond extended literally from  their  infancy to the infancy of our venture together.  Hence, one to my left (S) one to my right (C)  S-S-C.  

From the beginning, they were very hands-on with the whole process, being involved in selecting materials, supplies, and even equipment, and planning the process flows in our garage/workshop.  Being the youngest sibling, Kara still had every opportunity to join us at that level, but preferred to just make a couple for her own use. We all got some great one-on-one and group time, which was therapeutic all around. We all wish the circumstances that led to it were different, but they cannot be changed.  I count myself Blessed nonetheless.  "I Could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss The Dance" - Garth Brooks, The Dance

Now, in 2021, my original three apprentices are all living their own lives, two with children of their own. They occasionally stop by for a visit and perhaps to "spin one" as a new "carry" (daily-use demonstrator) or for gifts.

​And so life goes on . . .
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